• PixelMiette


    December 25, 2016 by PixelMiette

    Favorite Gen 1 Pokemon: Wartortle, Arbok, Clefable, Ninetales, Golduck, Primeape, Alakazam, Machamp, Victreebel, Rapidash, Slowbro, Dodrio, Dewgong, Cloyster, Gengar, Hypno, Electrode, Marowak, Weezing, Chansey, Tangela, Starmie, Lapras, Eevee, Vaporeon, Omastar, Kabutops, Aerodactyl, Snorlax, Articuno, Dragonair, Mew

    Favorite Gen 2 Pokemon: 

    Favorite Gen 3 Pokemon:

    Favorite Gen 4 Pokemon:

    Favorite Gen 5 Pokemon:

    Favorite Gen 6 Pokemon:

    Favorite Gen 7 Pokemon:

    Favorite Gen 1 Shiny Pokemon:

    Favorite Gen 2 Shiny Pokemon: 

    Favorite Gen 3 Shiny Pokemon:

    Favorite Gen 4 Shiny Pokemon:

    Favorite Gen 5 Shiny Pokemon:

    Favorite Gen 6 Shiny Pokemon:

    Favorite Gen 7 Shiny Pokemon:

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  • SeiShii

    Uhh...Hello there.

    November 20, 2016 by SeiShii

    Hiii! Remember me? I'm the person who left the CPPW before it got inactive, then moved to the Yandere Simulator wikia. I lost interest in that too after a few months, and then decided to leave wikia altogether, because I no longer had a purpose there. I probably came back a while later.....but things seem quite different. I really want to get active here, but I'm not creative.

    How are you all??

    Anyway I learnt HTML now if you need help pls do ask

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  • PixelMiette

    Welcome back to Miette's DA Escapades! Sorry for the hiatus, it was because of homework, school and all. We're talking about EmeraldZebra again, but I've noticed something about one of her series, Pokemon Heroes Tales. The themesong completely rips off SuperNoobs!

    "They have to fight a virus from the OutSpace

    They go to school, at of Pokémon full the big strangers

    They have magic orbs, but don't know how to use them

    From this Grovyle, Mr. OZ, he call them Pokenoobs

    Pokenoob, Pokenoobs! Super Stanger, Super Dangers

    Pokenoobs, Pokenoobs! Super Cuteness, Super Coolers

    Felix! Kim! Unto! Dax!

    Poke Herros Tales!

    Poke Herros Tales!

    Poke Herros Tales!

    Go! Cool up superpower!"

    They have to fight (Fight!) a virus (Virus!)

    Sent from outer space

    They go to school (…

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  • PixelMiette
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  • PixelMiette


    November 9, 2016 by PixelMiette

    How to do this kind of torture:

    • Tie yourself to a sheet of metal on a 45 degree angle
    • Apply clamps around your eyes so you cannot blink or close them
    • Get someone to put on "Sweatshirt", "Hit Or Miss", "I Play Pokemon Go Everyday", "Cyberbully Channels are Cancer", "SONG FOR ALL HATERS" (the one by Misha), "I'M VEGAN, DIE, MEAT-EATERS!!" and the themesong to "The Nutshack" all at once
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  • PixelMiette
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  • Jainene

    she is a meanie who thinks nb genders arent real and thinks the rocky horror picture show is bad (but likes it wtf is logic)

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  • Jainene

    early give of thank

    November 5, 2016 by Jainene

    i am thank for this wiki and my frens

    i am thank for the internet

    i am thank for my fandoms

    i am thank for cats

    i am thank for people who arent gross

    i am thank for the fact that i look cute sometimes

    i am thank for art

    im dun

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  • PixelMiette
    • serena ~ pansexual cisgender
    • clemont ~ homosexual nonbinary
    • bonnie ~ cishet
    • miette ~ bisexual genderfluid person
    • shauna ~ pansexual cisgender
    • tierno ~ cishet
    • trevor ~ homosexual nonbinary
    • aria ~ pansexual cisgender
    • nini ~ asexual transgirl
    • heidi ~ heterosexual genderfluid person
    • jay ~ asexual demiboy
    • kye ~ asexual cisgender

    • steven ~ pansexual genderfluid
    • garnet ~ asexual nonbinary
    • amethyst ~ pansexual genderfluid
    • pearl ~ demisexual nonbinary
    • peridot ~ asexual nonbinary
    • lapis ~ homosexual genderfluid
    • jasper ~ pansexual cisgender [dont send the fucking hitmen]
    • centipede mommy ~ asexual genderfluid

    • tyler ~ heterosexual demiboy
    • jennybae ~ BISEXUAL NONBINARY!!
    • cheeto dude ~ idk he likes everyone he wants kindnes…

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  • PixelMiette

    fricking around on msp

    October 28, 2016 by PixelMiette

    what can i say? i lost control of my life

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  • PixelMiette

    Hiya! This is a new blog series I'm making called "Miette's DA Escapades", where I review things I have seen on dA. Today I am looking at EmeraldZebra7894 , who I'm calling EmeraldZebra for short.

    While looking at some of her things, you may notice that English may not be her first language. This is because she is from Russia, as it says on the top of her page.

    When you see the gallery, it's mainly bases, pokemon recolors or something mixed in between. All of her OCs are under-developed, have no backstory whatsoever, and no specific info all together.

    This is a series made by EmeraldZebra that is based off Loud House. It is about an Eevee named Felix and his family. His mom is a Vaporeon while his dad is a Raichu. His sisters include Noisy Ee…

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  • Twenyller


    October 17, 2016 by Twenyller

    hey there,, i like to edit so like does anyone want an icon??

    just like say in the comments of this what u want i suppose

    well see here cheapskate, they're free

    i mean it'd be nice if you gave me some points on deviantart or something but they're free and you don't have to

    i don't have many at the minute, here are the ones i have so far;;

    p.s. i never said i was good

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  • Utkar22

    So this is something from the Pookie wiki, but since you all have moved on this wiki, why not do it here

    This is a popularity contest sorta

    Lets begin!

    Rank Masot










    11 Puffle Handler





    17 Gary
    18 Olaf
    19 Dot
    20 Cadence


    23 Scrooge
    24 Polo Field
    25 CeCe



    29 The Ghosts
    30 G billy

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  • PixelMiette

    hey nerds i made some tag yourself memes

    The Procrastinator

    • "What third chapter?"
    • Fanfics are almost always G rated
    • Stupid cliche high school fanfics
    • Watches too much anime

    The Wattpad Writer

    • Writes nothing but One Direction self insert fanfiction
    • Possibly a third grader
    • Generally hated by everyone
    • Makes really stupid decisions

    The Scripter

    • Writes all their fanfics in script format
    • All their fanfics are also stupid crossovers that make no sense (I.E: SVTFOE X MICKEY MOUSE), and includes their self insert OC
    • Includes end credits in their fanfics at the end of each one
    • Cannot tell when others are mad at them

    The Grammar

    • Awful grammar
    • Constant typos
    • Writes too much cliche fanfics to count
    • Likes to scream
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  • Twenyller


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  • GeekofGeeks

    ;ets get ready

    October 6, 2016 by GeekofGeeks

    bad day hurricane mtthew is gobna hi my home

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  • The Jonie

    Riptown: A creepypasta.

    September 29, 2016 by The Jonie
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  • AlolaVulpix

    get schwifty

    September 17, 2016 by AlolaVulpix

    first blog post nerds

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