“Get wrecked! R.I.P. . . . Oh baby, a triple!”

- Garlic Ulmulk

Garlic Ulmulk is a character and the main protagonist of Metaworld.

Personality Edit

Personality wise, Garlic borders on psycho to sickeningly polite. Garlic is a veteran trooper of his father, Jon Ulmulk's army. Garlic prefers battle rifles over any other guns, and small bullets over any other type.

Appearance Edit

Garlic has fair skin, brunette hair, and brown eyes. He normally wears a green collared shirt and black pants.

Appearances Edit

Every Episode.

Trivia Edit

  • Garlic is Brendan's favorite character, and somewhat an "author avatar" of him.
  • Garlic was originally going to be the color green, but Brendan changed him to a light flesh tone to avoid confusion with him and the aliens.
  • Garlic was also originally going to be named "Jalapeno" (pronounced jal-uh-pen-oh), then eventually Bulb, but was finally changed to Garlic.
  • Garlic is the first soldier introduced in the show. Countless others follow him.
  • Garlic uses both a rifle, an SMG, and a bazooka.