If you want a picture of the future, imagine a Meta Monsters getting kicked in the berries — forever."

Jon Ulmulk is a secondary protagonist of Metaworld.

Personality Edit Edit

Jon Ulmulk is a little scatterbrained, his practice is questionable, and he is frequently building implausible gadgetry in his Mad Scientist Lab, or ridiculous super weapons. He always experiments with genes, creating abominations that range from mollusks with profanity spelled on them to phallus monsters.

Appearance Edit Edit

Ulmulk is middle aged man with hazel hair and eyes. Ulmulk wears a light lab coat, and uses a blunderbuss in combat, specifically a dragon.

Trivia Edit Edit

  • Ulmulk was originally planned to have scientist archetype and lack of a hand reminiscent of Curtis Connors from The Amazing Spiderman.
  • Ulmulk's name was originally going to be something else, but Brendan forgot the name and renamed him to Doctor Sitcom. In time, Brendan had changed it to Jon Ulmulk.
  • Additionally, Ulmulk was originally going to be the main protagonist rather than the Meta Monsters, but was changed to a protagonist.
  • Ulmulk has cloned himself at some point in time. His clones include Lulmulk (Parody of Curtis Connors from The Amazing Spider-Man, can turn into a lizard with his head on it), Vicmulk (Parody of Vic from TMNT, can turn into Spider Boy), among others.