Philip Hamilton is the eldest son of Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton. He is also Theodosia Burr Hamilton's husband and the father of Lawrence, Samantha, Aaron Jr. and Georgie.

The updated version of Philip Hamilton belongs to XxVampwolfiexX also known as Vampwolfie on DeviantART.

Personality Edit

Age 9 Edit

At this age, Philip is very cheerful and outgoing, not letting anybody stop him from doing anything. He can often be shy in front of crowds or when reading his poems to his family, his nervous state easily showing through his tone, actions and expression. Philip is also very kind and caring, often helping his friends and family out with their troubles or chores, even if it is absolutely unnecessary. Not to mention that while writing and reciting his poems, Philip can get very stressed, often having panic attacks or bursting into tears.

Age 15 Edit

As he grows older, Philip starts to get loud and rowdy, a careless and lazy personality beginning to break through his former child one. He barely offers to help anybody but his parents, often getting into fights just to practice becoming a soldier like his father. Philip starts to care less for others, becoming a little selfish at times, even flirting a little with the local ladies time to time.

Age 19 Edit

Age 22 Edit