Starville Academy is a Pokemon series made by Miette.


Crylon the Fem!Meowstic, Baron the Beheeyem, Holly the Swirlix, Lucifer the Pumpkaboo, Maura the Amaura, Amaru the Togedemaru, Mimi the Mimikyu, Faerie the Fomantis, Pixie the Steenee and Nebuletta the Cosmog are all first year students at Starville Academy, where it's main subjects are astrology, mathematics, science and magic. Each student will spend only three years at the academy, being guided by their teachers. The principal, Lunelle the Lunala, is very over-controlling and is trying to tighten the rules, and even going as far as sending students to the "Detention Galaxy" if they fail their magic spells. The new students and their teachers spend all the time they can to convince Lunelle to change her ways, and go on journeys with their magic spells.


  • Crylon the Fem!Meowstic: Crylon was always an intelligent Pokemon. She came from a long line of mathematicians and scientists, and was raised in a strict household. Her parents, both of whom are Meowstic, are controlling and expect their children to do everything in a mannerly fashion, and are also known to give strange punishments for tiny things like forgetting to close the door after using the bathroom and leaving clothes on the floor.
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