The Most Epic Halloween is the Halloween special for The Epicness Team.


It is Halloween in Debekatutakoville, Clearville. While Marco and Venus stay home alone to look after Noah, Sanderp and Ronnie and Ronnie's cat Princess, Blossom, Zelda and Bobby watch scary movies downstairs and are too terrified to go to bed, and Kieran, Valentina, Kevin and Jeniffer go trick-or-treating, and get more than they bargained for when they encounter some of the killer clowns and get stuffed animals with their candy.


Sexual content and various other forms of nudity

  • 2/10
    • When Kieran, Valentina, Kevin and Jeniffer walk to the left, some shirtless men run around being chased by a clown.

Violence and gore

  • 3/10
    • A clown walks up towards Kevin with a chainsaw with blood all over it.
    • Three clowns are spotted killing two children with axes.
    • On the sidewalk, some intestines are splattered about.


  • 7/10
    • In many instances, various characters say words like "fuck", "shit", "hell" and "damn".

Alcohol and other acts of drug abuse

  • 1/10
    • In the fifth house Kieran, Valentina, Kevin and Jeniffer go to to get candy, the man giving them candy is suspected to be high on meth.

Frightening/intense/potentially offensive scenes

  • 9/10
    • The sightings of the killer clowns are continulously present.
    • When it is still light outside, Jeniffer seems to be near some radical christians screaming and throwing bibles at a man.

Overall, it is rated 14A in accordance to Canadian ratings. For American rating it's PG-13.


"It is Halloween in Debekatutakoville, and it's very windy and cold outside. The gang is making their outfits and decorating for the trick or treaters. Some will choose to go score some candy, while others will stay home."

We see Marco open up a large red marker and mark the calender on the spot that says "31".

Marco: Welp, it's Halloween, and I'm looking after whoever goes trick-or-treating. Now, who wants to look after the not-trick-or-treaters with me?

Venus, Kevin and Valentina raise their hands, hoping to look after the not-trick-or-treaters with Marco.

Marco: Venus, did you ever get picked for this?

Venus: Don't think so.

Marco: You got the job.

Venus: [says lowly under breath] Sweeeet!

Ronnie walks in with her cat.

Marco: Ronnie, you're late.

Ronnie: Whatever.

Marco: By the way, Venus and I are looking after you.

Ronnie's face goes blank and sweat rolls down it.

Ronnie: ...Oh, no...

Marco: Why 'oh no', Ron?

Ronnie: N-nothing!

{Flashback: Venus yells loudly at Ronnie for losing a teddy bear.}

{Flashback: Venus throws a plastic wood plank at Ronnie because Venus lost a video game.}

Marco: Meh. Call me when you can man up.

Ronnie runs up and hits Marco.

Ronnie: Don't EVER tell me to man up. Got it?

Marco: Okay, Mini-Hulk.

Marco walks off with Venus trailing behind him, leaving Ronnie in an angry and yelling mess.